The Flox Report:

Various Cipro victims' stories:  

Compilation of more Cipro victim stories:

Read actual user reviews for Cipro here (note that Cipro is one of the lowest rated drugs on the entire site):

Collection of various news pieces on the dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics:

Doctors Still Overprescribing Fluoroquinolones Despite Risks:

Recent news piece from South Africa on the dangers of fluoroquinolones:

Antibiotic Alert: The Drug the Doctor Ordered Could Cause Deadly Side Effects (Forbes article):

When the Cure is Worse:

UF Health researchers find quinolone ear drops associated with tendon ruptures:

Ciprofloxacin has dramatic effects on the mitochondrial genome:

How We Can Halt The Cipro & Levaquin Catastrophe: The Worst Medication Disaster in U.S. History (new book by Dr. Jay Cohen):

RIP Oliver Newell, who took his own life after being floxed by Cipro:

RIP Bob Davie, who took his own life after being floxed by Cipro:

RIP Bobby Caldwell, legally murdered by fluoroquinolones:

Video from Mary Caldwell, wife of Bobby Caldwell, describing the final years of his life after becoming floxed:

Doctor Kills Himself After Taking Antibiotic With 'Rare' Link to Suicide:

Fluoroquinolones: The Deadliest Antibiotics in the Market?  Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Comprehensive list of all quinolone antibiotics still on the market:

'Dear Doctor' letter by Dr. Todd Plumb, a physician who became floxed himself:

When Antibiotics Turn Toxic (featuring another floxed doctor):

"The Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain" (a collection of Facebook victims and their FQ horror stories.  Click on their pictures to read their stories):

Def Leppard keyboardist Dick Decent floxed by Cipro in '09; dies three years later (two links):

Did you know?  During the post-9/11 anthrax scare, the United States Postal Service fed their employees Cipro to "protect" them against possible exposure to anthrax.  Problem is, the cure ended up being worse than the disease!  And a class action lawsuit followed...

Exposing the hidden epidemic of crippling, painful neurological adverse effects of quinolone antibiotics:

"Certain Adverse Events"--full length documentary on quinolones and the inept FDA:

Don't Take That Pill!  The Ignored Risks of Fluoroquinolones - Article by Stan Cox:

Bitter Pills: Inside the Hazardous World of Legal Drugs--written by author Stephen Fried after his wife was severely floxed by ONE fluoroquinolone pill:

Prescription For Disaster (article written by author Stephen Fried all the way back in 1994 warning about the danger of this class of antibiotics):

Did you know Cipro is a chemotherapy drug?  Neither did I:

Cipro Is Poison on Facebook:



BOYCOTT BAYER!  A complete list of Bayer's products:

User reviews for Avelox (Bayer's OTHER toxic quinolone antibiotic): 

Coalition Against Bayer:

Bayer (IG Farben) worked in close collaboration with the Nazis at Auschwitz & was the largest single donor to Hitler's election campaign:

Bayer kills 1,000 people a month with Trasylol:

Secrets & Lies (A More in-depth look at Bayer's massive Trasylol coverup):

Bayer knowingly infects patients with HIV:

Bayer cripples, kills and blinds women with Yaz...and finds it funny!

Bayer maims countless women with Essure:

Bayer Pharmaceutical CEO: $96,000 cancer drug is "Only for western patients who can afford it":

Bayer pesticide implicated in the collapse of the world's honeybee population:

Want to learn more about Bayer's role in killing off the world's honey bee population?  Watch the critically acclaimed documentary Vanishing of the Bees (available on Netflix):

Bayer responsible in pesticide deaths of 24 children in Peru:

Bayer honored for hiring people with ironic, being that they CREATE people with disabilities!  (I emailed them asking if they had any positions available that I could do from my bed; I never heard back):

Already had your life ruined by Bayer?  Call Phil Blake (CEO of Bayer Healthcare) directly at his New Jersey office: 862-404-5018. His secretary will most likely lie and tell you he's in all-day meetings (as I'm told every single time I call for him). Don't give up and do NOT suffer in silence!  Leave a voicemail if you have to, and continue calling back every single day.  It's high time this man answers to his victims, and it's important he knows that we're after him!  Alternatively, you can call Adrian Vega of Bayer Medical Affairs at 973-487-3240.  Demand to know what research he and his company are doing to help the victims THEY created!

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